Subscription starts at just INR 2500/- per year.

Pay only for what you use.

We are here to save your time, money and efforts. With Business Bits, you get the liberty to choose each functionality separately and you would be charged only for the portions that you have chosen. For example, if you want to just manage invoices, we will charge you only for invoices and nothing else.

We charge you on per user per year basis for the modules or features that you have subscribed to. Check detailed pricing for full modules.

For information about pricing of individual features or small stand alone functionalities rather than full modules, please fill in this form to send us your details and we will contact you soon.

  • 10% off if you subscribe to all modules.
  • 5% off if you subscribe to more than 4 modules but not all of them.
  • 10% off if your company has more than 5 users.
  • 10% off if you subscribe with more than 1 companies.

Missing features / functionalities?

No system in the world is perfect, but we aim to give you the exact system that you want to use. If you find out any missing features or functionalities that you would like in your ERP system, just let us know of the same and we would handle it as a customization request once your subscription for the related module starts. Customizations are totally free for all customers, including those who are subscribed to just one functionality.